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Pipe Protection

As a commercial-grade formula, Pipe Shield is a hassle-free way to keep your drains flowing optimally. Unlike similar sewer drain cleaning formulas, Pipe Shield coats the lining of pipes with a liquid shield that prevents the buildup of fatty acids and other common culprits of clogged drains. Customers are free to purchase Pipe Shield – NSF-approved and EcoLogoTM-certified – exclusively through us.


Tough Root Remover 

It’s not uncommon for roots to grow into underground piping. If left unchecked, the roots can cause costly plumbing problems – particularly water blockages and pipe bursting. To keep roots at bay, simply apply Root Destroyer twice a year through the toilet bowl. If it’s too late for preventative measures, we offer cost-effective trenchless pipe service – guaranteed to repair broken piping swiftly and without unnecessary property damage.


High-Powered Tank and Cesspool Treatment 

Promoting high levels of bacterial decomposition is essential to the health of your home’s septic system. To avoid leaks and overflow, rely on our Septic Tank & Cesspool Treatment – a high-strength, eco-friendly powder or liquid blend of cultured bacteria and enzymes. The bacteria and enzymes work in unison to eliminate organic wastes that routinely cause clogs in septic tanks, cesspools and drain fields.


Tank and Leach Field Restoration  

Revitalizing dysfunctional septic tanks and leach fields can be a challenge without the right materials. In accordance with routine septic tank pumping and upkeep, be sure to use Heavy-Duty Septic Tank & Leach Field Treatment for quick, effective results. Like our Septic Tank & Cesspool Treatment formula, this solution is 100% safe and eco-friendly.


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Preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to keep plumbing systems in check. Should you need emergency drain cleaning or sewer cleaning services, be sure to contact us at Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning for swift assistance. We serve Cedar Rapids IA, Marion IA and the surrounding areas. However, if your situation is less dire, we offer an assortment of easy-to-use, at-home formulas for quick problem resolution.

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