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Keep your septic tank working, its best with our vacuum truck

Pumping your septic tank every 3 to 5 years is recommended for normal household water usage. This prevents sludge and scum from escaping. We can help you properly pump your tank.

With our vacuum truck, we can provide outstanding services for a wide range of problems and preventative maintenance needs. Our hydro excavation services include:


• Potholing and daylighting

• Slot trenching

• Debris removal

• Exposing utilities

• Piling hole excavation

• Cold weather digging

• Remote digging

Fast, reliable service

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Cedar Rapids: 319-365-2243

Marion: 319-377-9263

42 years of experience

24-hour emergency service

Affordable rates on all services

• Keeping your car wash pit cleaned and material removed

• Maintain your grease traps with regular or on-call service

• Hydro-excavation that breaks down soil at the dig

  site in a natural manner.

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